Blending together elements of BoomBap with Lo-fi Hip Hop & Chill Out and DJ Undoo’s style of chopping samples and combining sounds, “The Chronicles” is the perfect soundtrack to your activity! This release from DJ Undoo is one of a kind, and despite that it’s the 6th album of his solo career, it’s all made out of instrumentals so it has no language barrier (a lot of DJ Undoo’s releases feature Romanian speaking artists) also being the first NFT release and collaboration with some exquisite artwork by Ciobitu’.

“For me personally this release and collaboration with Rabbit Hole, together with the Ministry of Hip Hop, is a big step forward, towards the International Hip Hop scene, something I've wanted for a long time. The sound of the album it’s so diverse, giving the fact I always liked to explore but also to maintain my style along the process. Hope you enjoy all the work we put into this project.”